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Breast Cancer in African American Women

generally of more aggressive type, spreading faster in this population, a fact that has been supported by studies at George Washington University Hospital (Randolph, 1997). Other facts are also

Cultural Expression In African American Art

"It is against this double hegemony of a History with a capital H and a Literature consecrated by the absolute power of the written sign that the peoples who

HIV/AIDS & African American Women

of the US female population, they account for over 67.4 percent of all HIV-positive women and over 52 percent of all fully diagnosed AIDS cases (Williams, et al, 2003). This

Frederick Douglass: An African American Life in 1877

after the Civil war. The Compromise of 1877, however, would signify the end of that tremendous possibility for the black man as a group. That compromise, a compromise

South African Women, Life After Apartheid

Africa was immense when compared to the numbers of the European-descended populace who established political and social dominance, the white elite established discriminatory policies from their earliest presence in the

Alex Kotlowitz/ 'There are no children here'

reader how the millions of other inner-city children also live. Lafayette (12 years old) and Pharoah (9 years old) are African Americans and live with their mother in the

John Thornton's 'Africa And Africans In The Making Of The Atlantic World 1400-1800 / Summary

but not readily acknowledged, that the African cultural diversity played a critical role in relation to each areas slave population. Coupled with the fleeting distinction that represented the Africans

Discrimination And African-American Women

in particular, have the highest incidence of cancer? Why do minorities have higher cancer death rates than whites? The reasons have to do with research, screening and treatment. Experts have

African American Studies: Definition

center in every persons mind to illustrate how barbaric the human race can be to its own and to hopefully learn from such historic faux pas so they never happen

Betty Friedan, bell hooks And Alice Walker: Contributions To African-American Society

and my delight in human beings" (Walker PG). Powerful women are a rare breed. Such rarity is clearly depicted in two particularly

African-Americans and Reconstruction

as well. Knowing that educated blacks would be a threat, slave owners prohibited their slaves from learning to read; thus it was with great anticipation that they began to attend

Blacks' Relationship to Whites/Sociological Analysis

status for African Americans in relation to the dominant nature of Caucasian European-descended Americans. Theoretical framework Sociological theoretical perspectives relative to minority relationships to dominant groups encompasses a

The African American Family and The Impacts on American Society

African American family just as they can be applied to views of families of other ethnicity. In his 1965 report "The Negro Family: The Case for National Action,"

Robert Meacham (1835-1902): The African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church and the Reconstruction Era in Florida

Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in Florida played an integral role in the political, cultural and religious lives of African Americans in Florida in the 19th century. Through the church, not

Changes in the Roles of Women in Africa

circumstances, superior to the roles of men. The entire issue of gender and gender roles serves as just one more example