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Can the African Union be a Success?

developed and then apply these lessons to the challenges faced by any potential African Union. 2. The European Union By understanding the foundation of the European Union the lessons may

Medical Considerations for the African/Caribbean Culture

Madagascar) (Mulrain, 2004). In short, the people who arrived in the Caribbean were incredibly diverse in terms of their religious beliefs and cultural practices. To further complicate the

Early African American Literature: Comparing DuBois and Baldwin

for the Advancement of Colored People. By his own admission, DuBois opposed the "accommodation" to Jim Crow separatism advocated by Booker T. Washington, opening a new discourse in which establishing


sides of the issue and their discussions. First, it will be helpful to review what, exactly Pan-Africanism is. Essentially, Pan-Africanism is a

Asian v. African & Latin American Growth

only equaling the size of the US economy by mid-century, but overtaking the US as well, thereby shifting the worlds economic center of gravity to Asia (Sachs, 2004). China and

Interpretive Anthropology: A Non-Scientific Mode of Inquiry

aspects of a culture as potentially harboring deep cultural meaning. Games and other recreational activities, for example, were classified by Geertz as deep play, a play with potentially important

Four Generations of Women: "Cane River" by Lalita Tademy

a last name, something not allowed slaves: "When for the first time they were allowed to create a last name for themselves, it was her mother, Elisabeth, and not Suzette