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Cultural Expression In African American Art

"It is against this double hegemony of a History with a capital H and a Literature consecrated by the absolute power of the written sign that the peoples who

“Nest in the Wind : Adventures in Anthropology on a Tropical Island”: A Review

of preconceived ideas as to how these people somehow innately fall at a lower echelon on the totem pole than our so-called more advanced society. There is an underlying

Andrew Burton/African Underclass

between 1916 and 1961 resulted in the development of a social underclass in Dar es Salaam the capital of Tanganyika. Burtons principal thesis is to demonstrate how the purge campaigns

Outside Looking In An African Perspective on American Pluralistic Society

Prior to that trip, he had never been outside his own country and, in actuality, had only recently been given the opportunity to explore his own country to any extent.

Claiming Manhood: African-American Men in the Rural South

against their will, enslaved them, and then considered them inferior because they were slaves. This exquisitely twisted piece of self-serving reasoning enabled whites to justify continuing the practice.

Marcus Garvey's 'Africa For The Africans': Realistic?

both grand and far-reaching; that he has received tremendous support from other outspoken prominent African-Americans speaks to the reasonable assertion that Africa should - and can - be safeguarded for

The African American Family and The Impacts on American Society

African American family just as they can be applied to views of families of other ethnicity. In his 1965 report "The Negro Family: The Case for National Action,"

African-American Youth Public Speaking And Community Relations

(Hansen, 2008). It doesnt even have to be a formal speech, students fear speaking out in class (Hansen, 2008). The problem is so prevalent that many colleges have initiated classes

Oliver Sacks Does Anthropology on Mars

the people in his book, who are all impaired in some strange way that almost literally defies imagination. (Its also the way one of Sackss patients describes himself, he feels

Frederick Douglass: An African American Life in 1877

after the Civil war. The Compromise of 1877, however, would signify the end of that tremendous possibility for the black man as a group. That compromise, a compromise

John Thornton's 'Africa And Africans In The Making Of The Atlantic World 1400-1800 / Summary

but not readily acknowledged, that the African cultural diversity played a critical role in relation to each areas slave population. Coupled with the fleeting distinction that represented the Africans

The African Diaspora and Its Women

often caught between the worlds in ways that African men never experience. While they may live in a new reality, the old attitudes and beliefs about a womans place

African Mythology: The Influences and the Commonalities

"broader than history in explaining some aspects of society. It is a language of expressing truths

"Collaborative Breast Health Intervention for African American Women of Lower Socioeconomic Status"

having annual mammographies. Women of lower socioeconomic class (particularly African American women) are less likely to pursue screening than are other

Pregnancy, Psychological Effects/Black Teens

African American teens, ages 17 and younger. It found inadequate utilization of prenatal care was evident in over half of the pregnancies for girls than age 15 and 35 percent