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Africana Studies

his own parents. This is only one aspect of the complexity of Africana studies, of course. The interdisciplinary field of study also

African American Studies: Definition

center in every persons mind to illustrate how barbaric the human race can be to its own and to hopefully learn from such historic faux pas so they never happen

How Performance Studies has Benefitted from Anthropology:

linked with anthropology as well, by applying an analysis of human similarities that unite all people in all times from all geographic locations (Fortier). Sub-fields of anthropology are often

Hypertension in African Canadians & Dietary Factors

explanation for this is that it may be genetic, but no causative gene has been located (Forrester, 2004). Non-genetic susceptibilities, such as fetal programming also provide a possible explanation. Theoretically,

HIV/AIDS & African American Women

of the US female population, they account for over 67.4 percent of all HIV-positive women and over 52 percent of all fully diagnosed AIDS cases (Williams, et al, 2003). This

Improving Public Speaking Skills among African American Students within a High School Institution

public speaking skills. Why are these skills so important? Because they can mean the differences between a high school diploma and a college degree, a blue-collar dead-end job

Observations In Cultural Anthropology

least once every few minutes. A burly, beer-bellied man with grayish-black hair, Marino consistently expressed his mirth towards his job more so than anyone I had ever seen.

Alex Kotlowitz/ 'There are no children here'

reader how the millions of other inner-city children also live. Lafayette (12 years old) and Pharoah (9 years old) are African Americans and live with their mother in the

The Detriments of Black Single Motherhood

made that life chances for black children from single mother homes are reduced. C. Stigma is an important part of the puzzle. III. Conclusion There is

Is Cultural Anthropology a Science?: An Address of the Interrelationship of the Qualitative verses the Quantitative Approach

which erupts in response to what the Lee family perceive as an arrogant and uncaring medical establishment. Although revealed in the pages of a novel, these conflicts closely parallel

Anthropological Method To Hinduism

culture, writing ones observations, pondering, active participation in the culture or society being studied, studying poetry by and about members of the culture, studying historical documents, studying linguistic processes, considering

he Prevention and Treatment of Chlamydia in African American Adolescent Female Populations

issues related to the spread of untreated chlamydia, nursing researchers have determined the need to assess risk-taking behaviors, including increased unprotected sexual behavior and sexual activity with multiple partners, and