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Marriage from an Anthropological Perspective

particular) are very prevalent in certain African cultures. In fact, I would argue that the societies in which these relationships flourish could not function well without them. There

Anthropological Terms

its the belief that ones own culture is superior to that of others. Its perhaps one of the most human things about us, the idea that our group is the

Anthropological Method To Hinduism

culture, writing ones observations, pondering, active participation in the culture or society being studied, studying poetry by and about members of the culture, studying historical documents, studying linguistic processes, considering

Anthropological Concepts and Definitions

Sapir-Whorf hypothesis was developed by Benjamin Lee Whorf (a linguist and anthropologist) and Edward Sapir. The theory argues that language is a finite array of lexical and grammatical categories

The Melding of Social Justice and Anthropology

places on the face of the earth in which social justice is in short supply and anthropological study occurs. Several of the authors listed appear to focus on Africa,

The Melding of Social Justice and Anthropology

meaning is, We need a law against that" (Novak). As Jinks (1997) explains, the mere existence of "a law against that" (Novak) more often than not is not enough.

Rosaldo And Scheper-Hughes: Understanding Cultures Outside Of Our Own

his rage." Rosaldos reflexive approach has been considered a major breakthrough in the way in which humans study themselves, as well as how they come to both understand and

Colonialism's Effect on Anthropology

has ruling power in India for a long while, but today little British influence can be seen there. Colonialism does affect anthropology, but it does not affect all dominated

African-American Youth Public Speaking And Community Relations

(Hansen, 2008). It doesnt even have to be a formal speech, students fear speaking out in class (Hansen, 2008). The problem is so prevalent that many colleges have initiated classes

Anthropology: Love

right hidden" in order to protect the loved one (Trawick 1992 93). The author illustrates the complexity of the love, illustrating how a mother should not look with love at

Anthropology and the Study of Culture

result that adolescent turmoil and angst was unknown. Freeman, who is now an established specialist on Samoa and Samoan culture, disagrees with all of Meads conclusions. Freeman paints a

Anthropological Exploration of the Trobriander Islanders of the Western Pacific: Male Bias in the Work of Bronislaw Malinowski

Trobrianders. "Argonauts" is considered the founding document of economic anthropology. Emphasizing the primitive exchange system of the indigenous peoples of the

The Anthropological Approach as Illustrated by Jody Glittenberg and Dennis Werner

in the Behrhorst Hospital. Her subsequent visit to the country was spent in the highlands in the town of Cakchiquel Mayan, Patzun and in the Ladino town of Zaragoza.

Necessary Behavioral Adaptations: From Africa to Europe :

only imagine what sorts of changes our ancestors must have made in order to survive. and, in truth, we only have our imagination, in combination with a bit of science,


sides of the issue and their discussions. First, it will be helpful to review what, exactly Pan-Africanism is. Essentially, Pan-Africanism is a