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Gregory Bateson: Anthropology and Cybernetics

published in 1936 (Gregory Bateson). After leaving New Guinea, he went to the U.S. and traveled extensively, "teaching and lecturing on subjects in all fields at many different colleges"

Oliver Sacks Does Anthropology on Mars

the people in his book, who are all impaired in some strange way that almost literally defies imagination. (Its also the way one of Sackss patients describes himself, he feels

Forensic Anthropology / An Overview

the analysis of crime scene data that can determine not only how the victim died, but also how the crime, if there was one, was committed (Turbide, 1997, 72).

The Contributions of Anthropologist Ruth Benedict

1914 and then she returned to New York with him (1995). It seems as if she had done what she was supposed to do. She grew up, went to


or even female roles in the formation of anthropology. In this particular paper, we will compare some theories of four anthropologists, Sherry

Anthropological Method To Hinduism

culture, writing ones observations, pondering, active participation in the culture or society being studied, studying poetry by and about members of the culture, studying historical documents, studying linguistic processes, considering

Cultural Anthropology:

these changes. Therefore, these two disciplines coexist very well. Critique of Harris and Johnsons definition of culture: I believe Harris