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Breast Cancer in African American Women:

both frightening and disturbing (African American Breast Cancer Facts, 2002). The evidence clearly supports the assumption that breast cancer poses a greater risk to African American women than to

African-American Youth Public Speaking And Community Relations

(Hansen, 2008). It doesnt even have to be a formal speech, students fear speaking out in class (Hansen, 2008). The problem is so prevalent that many colleges have initiated classes

Discrimination And African-American Women

in particular, have the highest incidence of cancer? Why do minorities have higher cancer death rates than whites? The reasons have to do with research, screening and treatment. Experts have

Post Traumatic Disorder and Alcoholism: A Treatment Plan for an African American Female

and as an adult. The purpose of this paper is to present a proposal for such a remedy, to present a treatment play which will positively modify her use of

Coursework in African Religions

modern world. Within the African cultures, for example, religious life is commonly devised around beliefs that are linked to central myths, and the link between these myths and the

Anthropological Method To Hinduism

culture, writing ones observations, pondering, active participation in the culture or society being studied, studying poetry by and about members of the culture, studying historical documents, studying linguistic processes, considering

“Nest in the Wind : Adventures in Anthropology on a Tropical Island”: A Review

of preconceived ideas as to how these people somehow innately fall at a lower echelon on the totem pole than our so-called more advanced society. There is an underlying

Methods and Fieldwork in Cultural Anthropology

research methods prevail over quantitative, and it requires that researchers pay particular attention to issues of the ultimate validity of their work.