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Interracial Marriages

by a group called Hubbynet (2004). The author discusses how interracial marriages are looked down upon by society and how this can cause problems for the cultural identity of the

African Civilizations

While it is true that slavery was not new to human experience, what was unique about this development was that it was carried out by Europeans groups who professed to

Marriage from an Anthropological Perspective

particular) are very prevalent in certain African cultures. In fact, I would argue that the societies in which these relationships flourish could not function well without them. There

Marcus Garvey's 'Africa For The Africans': Realistic?

both grand and far-reaching; that he has received tremendous support from other outspoken prominent African-Americans speaks to the reasonable assertion that Africa should - and can - be safeguarded for

Cultural Expression In African American Art

"It is against this double hegemony of a History with a capital H and a Literature consecrated by the absolute power of the written sign that the peoples who

The African Diaspora and Its Women

often caught between the worlds in ways that African men never experience. While they may live in a new reality, the old attitudes and beliefs about a womans place

John Thornton's 'Africa And Africans In The Making Of The Atlantic World 1400-1800 / Summary

but not readily acknowledged, that the African cultural diversity played a critical role in relation to each areas slave population. Coupled with the fleeting distinction that represented the Africans

Symbolism in African Art

must admit its incompetence; man is unable to define a "divine" being. When with all our intellectual limitations we call something "divine," we have merely given it a name,

Examining the Personal and Cultural Background of an African-American

us that we were inferior at the same time they told themselves that they were superior. These statements, repeated often enough, come to be believed by those involved, and it

Strengths and Weaknesses of African Historiography

all the various "progressive streams from liberal Africanism and radical, social history to ANC-informed strategic thinking" (Visser, 2004). Visser notes that while traditional inquiries into politics, social themes and the

African American Generals

compare it to what it took for a white individual to become a general. That could be also a topic of research that could be applied to todays military in

Hypertension in African American Populations

in African American populations, while whites have noted a decline in hypertension in the last five years. In addressing the problem of hypertension, then, it is necessary to consider

Causes of African-American Poverty

fall into the camp of individualistic thinkers: they believe that the sources of poverty can be traced to characteristics of the poor themselves, whether that be "lack of a


black women were treated as opposed to the white women. She writes: "Such were the unusually fortunate circumstances of my early childhood. When I was six years old, my mother

Culturally Competent Care/African Americans

and the legalized discrimination of the first half of the twentieth century, they are both "directly and indirectly affected by a resulting cultural memory that prizes connection and social connectedness"