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Anthropology and the Study of Culture

result that adolescent turmoil and angst was unknown. Freeman, who is now an established specialist on Samoa and Samoan culture, disagrees with all of Meads conclusions. Freeman paints a

The Ok Tedi Mine Case Study and the Relevance of Anthropology

Yet, this position does bring into question issues related to methodology. Methodology in anthropology varies. Many of the scientists live amongst the people they are studying. In some way, this

The Social Experience And Importance Of Black Fraternities & Sororities For African Americans On College Campuses

a pattern of self-esteem and self-perception that will be carried on into adult years. Indeed, college years are considered some of the most crucial periods of socialization because of

African Mythology: The Influences and the Commonalities

"broader than history in explaining some aspects of society. It is a language of expressing truths

Africana Studies

his own parents. This is only one aspect of the complexity of Africana studies, of course. The interdisciplinary field of study also

The Melding of Social Justice and Anthropology

meaning is, We need a law against that" (Novak). As Jinks (1997) explains, the mere existence of "a law against that" (Novak) more often than not is not enough.

Critical Assessment of the Article "African American University Students"

indicated that students behaved differently when in an all White campus environment than when in an all Black campus environment" (Collins, Steward and Neil, p. 80). Collins and the others

HIV/AIDS & African American Women

of the US female population, they account for over 67.4 percent of all HIV-positive women and over 52 percent of all fully diagnosed AIDS cases (Williams, et al, 2003). This

"Anthropology" By Andrea Lee: Conflict

The exact manner by which Lee (2003) reveals the storys conflict is an integral component to its overall impact upon the characters and audience alike. Atypical of the standard

Alex Kotlowitz/ 'There are no children here'

reader how the millions of other inner-city children also live. Lafayette (12 years old) and Pharoah (9 years old) are African Americans and live with their mother in the

Nat Huggins' "Black Odyssey: The African-American Ordeal In Slavery"

that in making racial slavery crucial to its social and economical development, the United States became something other than a free society. The slaves true story, then, lies in

Colonialism's Effect on Anthropology

has ruling power in India for a long while, but today little British influence can be seen there. Colonialism does affect anthropology, but it does not affect all dominated

Blacks' Relationship to Whites/Sociological Analysis

status for African Americans in relation to the dominant nature of Caucasian European-descended Americans. Theoretical framework Sociological theoretical perspectives relative to minority relationships to dominant groups encompasses a

Breast Cancer in African American Women:

both frightening and disturbing (African American Breast Cancer Facts, 2002). The evidence clearly supports the assumption that breast cancer poses a greater risk to African American women than to

Modernism In African-American Poetry

significance of time-consciousness in modern work (Low 111). On the other hand, Echeruo points out that around a hundred years or so ago, modernism was the fashion; but he